Wastewater treatment system repairs & maintenance, Geelong

BIS Plumbing & Civil provide professional wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients in Geelong and further afield.

For these hard-working systems to perform efficiently, they need regular attention. In fact, it’s a requirement of state law for an accredited and qualified tradesperson to maintain them every quarter.

Our specialists have deep knowledge and experience of these systems and the way they operate. We will inspect your system’s components including chambers, inlet, outlet, blower and pump to ensure they are working efficiently. If there are any issues, we’ll find a solution that has it back on track as quickly as possible. We can also source any spare part necessary to complete our work.

As distributors of market-leading Taylex products, we can also pump out your treatment system when needed. We urge commercial and business clients to ensure they are not overdue for this service. Taylex recommends its systems should be pumped out every seven to 10 years.

Wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance is vital to keep people healthy and the environment free of contamination risk. It also ensures your system works at its optimum level and has a longer life span.

And while BIS Plumbing & Civil can shoulder the maintenance burden for you, there are simple rules you can follow to help your treatment system perform efficiently. Because these systems rely on bacteria to break down and digest the wastewater, we need to keep them healthy so they can do their job.

That means keeping items including harsh cleaning products, paints, thinners, petroleum products and sanitary napkins out of your wastewater system. Safe cleaning products include:

  • Earth Choice laundry liquid and dishwashing liquid;
  • Down to Earth products;
  • Bio Logic products;
  • Ecozyme products;
  • And vinegar, for lime-scale cleaning – apply, then scrub after 10 minutes.

Our experienced team is accredited to carry out all the wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your wastewater treatment system performing to a high standard.

By law, these systems require quarterly maintenance by qualified wastewater providers to ensure they are safe and working well. They will also need pumping, at least every 10 years, which we can organise for you.

If you would like to book our wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance services, contact BIS Plumbing & Civil today. We are also the team to trust for septic tanks in Geelong.

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