Wastewater treatment system installation Geelong

If you don’t have access to mains sewer connection, you will require wastewater treatment system installation at your home or business.

BIS Plumbing & Civil are your installation experts for these practical and efficient treatment systems in Geelong and further afield.

Secondary wastewater treatment systems use naturally-occurring bacteria, which is already present in wastewater, to do the hard work. These multi-chambered systems turn the black and grey water into water that is suitable for your lawns and garden.

Our wastewater treatment system installation team will ensure the process goes smoothly, starting well before the system is put into the ground at your residential or commercial site. Our installation services include:

  • Expert advice about treatment systems;
  • Handling council permits, which are required before installation can proceed in Victoria;
  • Site inspection, to make sure it is a suitable location;
  • Site preparation, with our team handling all the necessary earthworks and ensuring the system’s tank has a compacted base to rest on;
  • Safely transporting the system to your site and lifting it into place;
  • And connecting and commissioning the system.

At BIS Plumbing & Civil, we’re qualified, licensed and accredited to set up and commission wastewater treatment systems. And that’s crucial, because incorrect handling by untrained people can lead to contamination issues, which can have serious consequences to people’s health and to the environment.

While our skilled team capably installs a wide range of systems, we are a distributor for industry leader Taylex, which manufactures the efficient and high-performing Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems. Advanced secondary wastewater treatment systems, the most commonly used treatment solutions across the nation, are proven performers. They are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our experts have strong experience when it comes to wastewater treatment system installation and the appropriate systems, which consist of a conventional septic tank, accompanied by multiple chambers that aerate, clarify and disinfect the water.

BIS Plumbing & Civil’s team provides quality advice on the best system, size and site. We will organise council permits, transportation and commissioning as part of our installation service, handling the project for clients from start to finish. For more information on our installation service or Taylex systems, contact our friendly team.

BIS Plumbing & Civil also provide professional wastewater treatment system repairs and maintenance in Geelong for clients across the region.

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