Wastewater Treatment Systems Geelong

BIS Plumbing & Civil is your go-to team when it comes to wastewater treatment systems in Geelong and surrounding areas.

Our experienced, licensed and accredited crew professionally installs, repairs and maintains wastewater treatment systems for residential and commercial clients, helping to keep the infrastructure performing efficiently and safely.

For homes and businesses not connected to sewer mains, these systems are vital. They treat household wastewater, including sewage from toilets, to an incredibly high standard – much higher than the capabilities of septic tanks. In fact, they are so effective that you can use the reclaimed water to irrigate your gardens and lawns.

From obtaining council permits, right through to commissioning and beyond, we have you covered.



Authorised distributor & specialist of Taylex wastewater systems

BIS Plumbing & Civil is an authorised distributor and your local specialists of the leading Australian home sewage treatment systems manufacturer Taylex. Taylex systems are designed to be simple and easy to maintain, with few moving parts, making them a reliable option for residential and commercial properties. They are also designed to meet stringent environmental regulations and are highly efficient in removing pollutants and bacteria from the water.

For over half a century, Taylex systems have stood the test of time with an impressive record of zero replacements needed for faulty or malfunctioning systems. In contrast, many other brands in the market can't boast the same reliability. Investing in a top-performing wastewater treatment system from the get-go can save you from potential headaches and costly repairs down the line. When it comes to making a smart choice for your needs, Taylex is the name to trust.

To know more about Taylex wastewater treatment systems, visit taylex.com.au.

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