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Large scale excavation contractors servicing Geelong and surrounding areas.

Whilst it is essential to a variety of projects, the process of excavation is surrounded by risk and must be expertly managed. With the risk of collapse, material damage, undermining other structures, damage to the underground systems such as water and sewage, and water flooding, it is essential that every eventuality is prepared for. Rest assured that our team of Geelong-based civil contractors takes every precaution to ensure that excavations are carried out both safely and effectively.

We take our preparations seriously and undertake a thorough assessment of any project before work begins. This means that prior to our arrival on-site, we will arrange for the necessary equipment and materials to be available throughout the work – not only does this ensure that the project is safe, but it also reduces the likelihood of any delays to the process if the equipment could not be sourced.

As excavation does have a heavy focus on risk management, this requires the frequent presence of an on-site supervisor. The role of this individual is to inspect the site on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that the precautions are being managed effectively. This inspection is documented, enabling easy reference throughout the duration of a project or after its completion.

Whilst we offer smaller-scale works where excavation may be completed manually using a variety of tools, the majority of excavation works require the use of large equipment like excavators. All our equipment is top-of-the-range and is compliant with all regulations. We always ensure that the machinery used is project appropriate so that you will receive the right outcome whether the project involves removing topsoil, mud, earth or rocks.

Our team also have experience with a vast array of different purpose excavations. If you require the cutting and stripping of material, trench excavation to any depth, basement, subdivisions, we have the knowledge and tools to be able to help.

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