Barwon Water Sewer Upgrade Project

BIS Plumbing & Civil is proud to showcase one of our landmark projects: the Barwon Water Sewer Upgrade in Geelong. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and safe civil plumbing solutions.

Extending infrastructure life and minimising risks

The Barwon Water sewer upgrade is an essential maintenance program that renews the mains to extend their lifespan. This proactive approach minimises the risk of blockages and sewer spills, thereby enhancing the sewerage services for the community.

Specialised manhole installation

A standout feature of this project was the installation of 7-meter-deep sewer manholes. These manholes were specifically designed with a diameter of one metre, optimising the efficiency of sewer work in the area.

The utility of manholes: more than just an entry point

Manholes serve as a crucial component for underground utility work, including maintenance and repairs for electricity, drainage, and sewage systems. Their presence significantly reduces the time and cost involved in underground work. Moreover, manholes act as a safeguard against potential structural damage during floods, storms, and tidal surges by providing an escape route for trapped water.

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Project Details

Services Sewer manhole construction and installation.

Location Geelong

Completion August 2023

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