Drysdale soccer and AFL oval drainage system

At BIS Plumbing & Civil, we take immense pride in our role in the construction and maintenance of premium sports facilities in Drysdale. Our recent projects at the Drysdale Precinct, encompassing two vast sporting ovals, stand as a testament to our expertise in subsurface drainage solutions and our unwavering commitment to excellence in civil construction and commercial plumbing.

Revolutionising Drysdale soccer and AFL facilities with advanced drainage systems

Subsurface drainage expertise at the Drysdale soccer oval

Our team successfully implemented a state-of-the-art drainage system at a premier soccer oval in Drysdale. This comprehensive system includes 426 meters of subsurface main line drainage and an extensive 2,054 meters of secondary drainage, ensuring rapid water removal and optimal playing conditions year-round.

The field boasts a robust installation of Santa Ana Unwashed/Sand backed turf, spanning 2,054 meters, selected for its durability and performance. Reinforced by a 405m² geotextile membrane and dense 10,470 meters of 100mm wide sand slits spaced at 2m intervals, the oval’s foundation is built to handle significant rainfall without any compromise to the turf’s integrity or player safety. A top layer of 21,524m² of sand completes the field, ensuring a consistently smooth and responsive playing surface.

AFL oval subsurface drainage excellence

For the AFL oval, our expertise in subsurface drainage was equally showcased with 495 meters of main line and 1,242 meters of secondary drainage, designed to maintain the field’s prime condition despite the rigorous demands of Australian Football League play. Like the soccer oval, this project features the same high-quality Santa Ana turf and protective geotextile membrane, covering 1,242 meters and 405m² respectively.

We further enhanced drainage efficiency with 3,772 meters of 100mm wide sand slits, strategically placed at 5m intervals, supporting faster water dispersion. A substantial 20,028m² layer of top dressing sand was added, preserving the oval’s superior quality through enhanced soil stability and moisture management.

Leading with comprehensive project management

Each project demonstrates BIS Plumbing & Civil’s leadership in delivering full-scope project management for civil and plumbing requirements, ensuring every game played is on a field built for champions.

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Project Details

Services Subsurface drainage systems, project management, excavation, and irrigation


Completion December 2023

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