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Following the successful completion of the Hurst Reserve upgrade involving state-of-the-art civil plumbing in Geelong, BIS Plumbing & Civil undertook the Osborne Park Cricket Facilities improvement project. We pride ourselves on being the leading civil plumbers in Geelong, delivering top-notch services for a wide range of projects.

Comprehensive demolition and preparatory work

Our team began with a meticulous demolition phase, strategically removing existing structures, turf, and organic material. This careful preparation set the stage for the new constructions that would elevate the cricket facilities to new standards of excellence.

Advanced stormwater drainage solutions

A critical aspect of our work involved expanding the stormwater drainage system. We integrated additional pits and upgraded piping into the existing infrastructure, ensuring efficient water management and preventing waterlogging. This seamless integration underscores our commitment to delivering practical, long-lasting solutions.

Enhanced in-ground services and irrigation

In the realm of in-ground services, we significantly enhanced the existing electrical supply to support the new infrastructure. Our expansion of the irrigation network plays a vital role in maintaining the lush, green turf, crucial for an optimal cricketing environment. These enhancements demonstrate our expertise in handling complex projects that require precision and technical know-how.

High-quality pavements and ancillaries

Our construction of pavements and ancillaries involved the use of premium materials. We utilised high-density synthetic grass, SL92 reinforced concrete, and layered rock and capping. These materials were chosen to ensure durability and a superior finish, reflecting our dedication to quality in every aspect of the project.

Efficient water management with concrete dish drains

To further enhance water management, we installed concrete dish drains. These drains are designed to handle large volumes of water efficiently, preventing flooding and ensuring that the facilities remain functional regardless of weather conditions.

Innovative retractable cricket netting enclosure

One of the standout features of this project is the installation of a retractable cricket netting enclosure system. This innovative addition enhances the functionality of the facilities, providing players with a versatile and state-of-the-art training environment.

Setting a benchmark in cricketing infrastructure

The improvements made to the Osborne Park Cricket Facilities are set to establish a new benchmark in cricketing infrastructure. By focusing on every detail, from advanced drainage systems to high-quality pavements, we have created an exceptional environment for both training and matches.

At BIS Plumbing, our commitment to excellence as civil plumbers in Geelong is evident in every project we undertake. The Osborne Park Cricket Facilities improvement project is a testament to our ability to deliver superior results that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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Project Details

Services Demolition, excavation, earthworks, stormwater drainage, irrigation network, concrete works, concrete dish drain installation and retractable cricket netting enclosure system installation.

Location Geelong

Completion January 2024

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