Hurst Reserve cricket facilities upgrade

As the leading civil plumbers in Geelong, BIS Plumbing & Civil is proud to unveil the comprehensive upgrade of the Hurst Reserve Cricket Facilities. This project underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art civil plumbing services that meet both the rigorous demands of top-level sports facilities and the expectations of the local community.

Demolition and excavation

Our initial phase involved the meticulous demolition and excavation of the existing infrastructure. This included the removal of old cricket net fencing, synthetic wicket pavement, and outdated water supply and irrigation systems. These efforts cleared the way for a complete redevelopment, tailored to modern standards and designed to significantly enhance facility usability and safety.

Earthworks and drainage

We conducted extensive earthworks, which were essential in preparing the subgrades and integrating new stormwater drainage systems complemented by advanced subsurface drainage. These improvements are crucial for ensuring the ground’s resilience against diverse weather conditions, thereby enhancing the longevity and durability of the playing surface.

In-ground services

The upgrade included a thorough revamp of in-ground services. New provisional electrical services and a modern irrigation network system were installed, guaranteeing that the facilities are not only up-to-date but also sustainable and efficient. This ensures that Hurst Reserve will continue to meet the evolving needs of athletes and spectators alike.

Cricket wicket and enclosures

The cricket wicket received a full overhaul with the installation of high-density synthetic grass atop a base of concrete with reinforced mesh and waterproof membrane layers, creating an exceptional playing surface. Meanwhile, the natural turf wicket block was reconstructed with precision, using premium materials like washed turf, wicket clay, and sand, all laid to exact specifications to ensure optimal playability.

We also enhanced the site with a synthetic grass net enclosure and a natural turf net enclosure. These features include retractable nets and a versatile multi-use enclosure system, providing flexibility and functionality for various types of athletic training and events.

Final touches

To complete the project, we meticulously applied line marking to the field and implemented hydroseeding. This method quickly establishes robust, healthy turf growth, cementing Hurst Reserve’s reputation as a premier cricket venue in Geelong.

At BIS Plumbing & Civil, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive project management and technical expertise in all our civil plumbing endeavors. Our work at Hurst Reserve not only enhances the facility’s functionality and aesthetic appeal but also ensures that it stands as a pillar of community engagement and athletic excellence.

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Project Details

Services Demolition, excavation, earthworks, stormwater drainage, subsurface drainage, irrigation network and concrete works.


Completion November 2023

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