Taylex treatment systems for the Geelong region

If your home is not connected to mains sewer, then Taylex treatment systems in Geelong are a great option. At BIS Plumbing & Civil, we are big supporters of the Taylex team. We supply, install, service and maintain their industry-leading products and know they are built to perform well and last for years.

That’s why we’re proud to be a Taylex distributor across the region and further afield. The family-owned and run company has been at the forefront of domestic sewage treatment system research, development and manufacture in Australia for decades. Their innovative advanced secondary wastewater treatment systems are a testament to their work and can be found toiling away efficiently on properties across the country.

By using Taylex waste management Geelong clients know they’re getting a quality, multi-chamber system that’s efficient, durable and safe for their family and the environment.

Engineered to last

All those factors are vital when selecting a system to treat your home’s black and grey wastewater. The system has to be efficient. Whether you live alone or with a large family, it must be able to cope easily. While a family of four might generate about 600 litres of wastewater a day, Taylex advanced systems can capably process and treat about 2000 litres of wastewater daily.

They’re also designed and engineered to last for years. The company uses monolithic, single-piece moulds to create their strong, durable treatment tanks.

And they are safe for your family and the environment. When using Taylex treatment systems Geelong people can rest assured the water is being treated to an impressively high standard. In fact, treated water from the company’s advanced systems is more than 60 times cleaner than septic tank effluent. It’s also about five times cleaner than effluent from most other counterparts on the market. This means you can use the reclaimed water on lawns around your home.

To learn more about Taylex treatment systems in Geelong, contact BIS Plumbing & Civil. Our experienced and friendly team is happy to answer questions about the range of Taylex waste management products, helping you to find a system that meets your needs.

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