Civil plumbing services for Geelong clients

If you need civil plumbing services in Geelong for your major construction project, turn to the expert team at BIS Plumbing & Civil. Civil plumbing is an important component when it comes to large-scale building works and road construction. Whether you’re upgrading a highway, constructing a bridge, creating a new housing estate or building a shopping centre, you’ll need experienced plumbing contractors as a key part of your team.

BIS Plumbing & Civil have years of experience providing successful civil plumbing services in Geelong and further afield. We understand the laws, regulations and requirements surrounding this field of work and make sure we abide by them. We’re thorough, safe and professional – because we know mistakes can be extremely costly.

Our skilled team are plumbing experts in areas including:

  • Pipeline infrastructure for projects big and small;
  • Water mains;
  • Sewer mains;
  • Gas pipe works;
  • Stormwater systems;
  • And residential projects and subdivisions.

When you use BIS Plumbing & Civil’s services you can rest assured you’ve got a high-performing team that will deliver quality work for your project. Whether you need our assistance with a tunnel project, new road infrastructure or a housing development near the coast, you can trust our professional crew. From the initial consultation to design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Our team creates efficient systems using pipes, drains and other infrastructure to safely move water, gas and sewage to their correct destinations. And when you’re dealing with hazardous material, the health of the public and the environment depends on plumbers doing their job well.

Our licensed and certified civil plumbers won’t let you down. Known for working to budgets and timelines, we’re efficient, professional and pay attention to detail.

For expert civil plumbing services in Geelong, clients can trust BIS Plumbing & Civil for innovative solutions and quality results. Please contact our team on 0439 545 142.

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