Taylex septic tank installation in the Geelong region

BIS Plumbing & Civil is your go-to team for Taylex septic tank installation on Geelong region properties. And that’s because we’re experienced, licensed and accredited to carry out the necessary work. We know just how important it is to ensure these trusty domestic systems are set up properly and working efficiently. The risk of contaminating the environment and endangering people’s health is very real if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Well, that’s not a problem with our professional crew. We design, install and service a range of septic tanks for clients across the region. From handling necessary permits right through to organising scheduled tank pumping, we’ve got you covered. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experts are handling your Taylex septic tank installation in Geelong region.

While there are numerous tank brands available in Australia, Taylex stands tall as a leading manufacturer of quality domestic wastewater treatment systems. The family-owned company makes traditional septic tanks and the reliable, durable Maxi tank. The Maxi, which is a massive, environmentally-friendly septic tank, can also work as part of pump station or sand filter treatment systems. It’s a versatile performer.

Taylex also manufactures premium aerated wastewater treatment systems that treat water to impressively high standards. So high, in fact, you can use the reclaimed water to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Expert maintenance

But there are strict controls on where you can actually use septic tanks, such as rural and more remote properties. They can’t be sited in water catchments where there’s a risk of effluent contaminating waterways. There are also coastal restrictions for similar reasons.

Meanwhile their highly-effective Taylex stablemates – secondary wastewater treatment systems – are a popular choice on Geelong’s fringe.

The BIS Plumbing & Civil crew’s septic tank services include:

  • Site inspections to ensure a tank is an appropriate option for the location and size of the property;
  • Organising all the necessary permits;
  • Septic tank design, installation and repair services;
  • Setting up surface or sub-surface irrigation systems;
  • Pre-slab drainage works;
  • And expert maintenance including septic tank pumping when required.

If you want to know more about our Taylex septic tank installation services in Geelong area, please don’t hesitate to contact BIS Plumbing & Civil on 0439 545 142. We are experts in handling a wide range of septic tanks and the BIS crew is keen to help.

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