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Having an expert team that’s versatile enough to deal with all of your commercial plumbing in Geelong is a huge plus. You don’t want to use a plumber for one job, then find they can’t handle the next task. Instead, you want a crew that’s versatile, widely experienced and qualified and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work no matter how big your project may be.

And that’s BIS Plumbing & Civil. With a wide range of major commercial and civil projects under our belt, you can trust our plumbing services in Geelong. We’re thorough, safe and efficient and we won’t let you down.

Because we’ve worked successfully on large-scale projects, we know how to work well with contractors and a myriad of tradespeople.

We carry out expert work in areas including:

  • Water, stormwater and sewer mains;
  • Specialised pipeline infrastructure;
  • Excavations, using machinery for trench and bridge excavations and more;
  • Specialist plant and equipment hire;
  • Sand and gravel supplies;
  • Trenching;
  • Pavement preparation;
  • And bulk earthworks.

Whether you need sewer systems for a new sub-division or trenching so you can lay electrical equipment at your business, we can help. From design to supply, installation and commissioning, BIS has your commercial plumbing needs covered in Geelong and further afield.

When you use our team, you can rest assured the work will be carried out safely, carefully and to a high standard. When we take on a job, we deliver a quality result. That’s what our clients expect and that’s the way we work.

If you are looking for a capable team for commercial plumbing in Geelong, give us a call. Whether you’ve got a simple plumbing task or a complex, large-scale project, you can trust our team for great work and innovative solutions. Contact us for more information.

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