Qualified gas fitting plumbers in Geelong at BIS Plumbing

For professional gas fitting plumbers Geelong people can’t go wrong with the experienced team at BIS Plumbing & Civil.

And the word experienced is crucial when it comes to dealing with natural gas installations and testing. While natural gas is a popular and reliable choice as a household energy source, it can be dangerous – not to mention illegal – to work with if you don’t have the right training, knowledge and qualifications.

That’s certainly not a problem if you call on our skilful crew for assistance. Our fully trained, licensed and registered gas fitting plumbers in Geelong can safely carry out a comprehensive range of services for clients.

Whether you need a hot water service installed in your new home or want to upgrade your kitchen’s old gas oven with the latest offering, we’ve got you covered.

Our friendly gas fitters can help in areas including:

  • Installing gas ovens and barbecues;
  • Filtration system installation;
  • System testing and certification;
  • And water heater installation.

When you turn to BIS Plumbing for help, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing experts with a long-standing track record for excellence are on the job. Our reliable team will complete the task efficiently and safely, making sure to keep you fully informed during the process. Our work also comes with a six-year warranty.

When BIS Plumbing technicians arrive at your door, they’re ready to work. Armed with the right tools and knowledge, we thoroughly test all our gas appliance installations to ensure they’re performing at the optimum level. Our sophisticated diagnostic tools allow us to uncover any system issues swiftly, so we can rectify any problems on the spot.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact our Geelong-based team today on 0439 545 142. We are here to help.

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