Need trusted excavation contractors for your next Geelong project?

BIS Plumbing and Civil is made up of a team of highly qualified and dedicated excavation contractors in Geelong that hold of wealth experience across a variety of different projects for a range of commercial and civil clients. When it comes to quality customer service and workmanship, you really cannot go past the team at BIS Plumbing. But what exactly is an excavation and why should you choose BIS Plumbing for the job?

Excavation refers to the process of removing materials such as soil or rock from an area and moving it to another site using a form of machinery known as an excavator. There are various considerations that must be taken into account when an excavation is being performed, particularly the management of risks being posed to underground structures such as sewage and water systems, as well as the potential consequences to the environment.

Large scale and small-scale excavations are our specialty at BIS Plumbing, and we follow a stringent quality assurance and control procedure that ensures every job we complete is done in accordance with relevant regulations and to the highest standard of quality possible.

When you contact the BIS Plumbing team for an excavation for your project in Geelong, we will inspect your site prior to operating any machinery. This allows us to ensure all necessary materials and equipment will be available, that safety measures are in place and that any potential hazards are avoided.

Our results speak for themselves, and our team of trusted contractors will do all we can to prepare your civil or commercial land in a safe and quality way for the rest of the construction process.

Interested in learning more? Get in contact with our professional excavation contractors in Geelong and drop us a line on 0439 545 142 or fill out our contact form. We thoroughly enjoy discussing with clients their upcoming projects and determining how our services can be of assistance.


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