Professional Sewer Connection Services Geelong

BIS Plumbing and Civil’s team of qualified contractors offer sewer connection services to clients in Geelong, helping them to ensure and maintain the safe flow of sewage at their home or business.

There are various reasons why sewage connection is important, for one, without a sewage system, the sewage from your building can not reach the disposal facilities that it needs to. This can cause illness and lead to terrible odours around your home or commercial building. Sewage connection also guarantees that you are complying with all relevant Australian regulation in relation to sewage and water.

Our team have the knowledge to ensure that your sewage is correctly connected. We bring along the expertise to identify possible issues to do with your sewage system, as well carry out all installations and repairs to damages. Whether your sewage system requires a minor replacement or a full system repair, the BIS Plumbing contractors can handle whatever you throw our way.

When you contact BIS Plumbing for this service, we will reveal to you the location of water mains and sewer junctions in Geelong that need to be identified prior to connection. We will then make educated decisions based on the position and structure of your building, whilst keeping you informed throughout the whole process.

Not only do we possess a well-renowned local and industry reputation in Geelong, but we are also Barwon Water accredited, which means that we are a certified contractor of this specialised service. So what are you waiting for? Let us do your dirty work today.

To learn more about the importance of sewer connection services in Geelong or to make an enquiry, contact our friendly and reliable BIS Plumbing team today on 0439 545 142.

We will provide you with a free competitive quote and answer any of your questions regarding our services. We greatly look forward to hearing from you.


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