Professional commercial plumbing for Geelong clients

With an expertise that spans over 10 years, BIS Plumbing & Civil are your crew for any commercial plumbing services in the Geelong area.

With strong results to back their success in the Geelong region, the team at BIS are able to work on any commercial projects with a history of contracts with large partners. The team are proficient in water and sewer mains, specialised pipeline infrastructure work storm water systems and gas pipe works with the team lending their hand in performing tasks at an affordable price such as:

  • Excavations- using machinery to excavate materials such as earth, topsoil and for a variety of purposes, such as trench, bridge or road excavations.
  • Plant and equipment hire- Offering specialist equipment hire at a competitive rate. Excavators, rollers or skid steers and much more.
  • Sand and gravel supplies- Suppling a range of materials, including cobbles, gravel, sand and limestone.
  • General Civil construction- If you are needing assistance to construct, design or maintain any aspect of your project, the team can help you. Covering areas from sub-divisions, bulk excavations and infrastructure mains.
  • Pavement preparation-  Our construction preparations enable the new pavement to look visually appealing, as well as withstand heavy footfall.
  • Trenching-  Help to dig trenches to any specification. This can help you to install drainage, lay any electrical equipment and protect important equipment that needs to be concealed.
  • Bulk earthworks – successfully removing, transporting or adding quantities of material to different areas.
  • (Storm) water mains – The team can provide a variety of different water and storm mains to meet the requirement of any project that will endure any weather under the watchful of eye of neccessary safety recommendations and rules.
  • Sewer systems- Sanitary, concrete or plastic sewers. Our systems will enable you to safely manage and dispose of your waste.
  • And much more!

In terms of why you should pick BIS plumbing and civil Geelong, well, the resume of amazing commercial products the team can supply speaks for itself. As Geelong’s specialist commercial plumber, you know you can’t go wrong with enlisting their superb services.

So for any of your needs in and around the Geelong area, get onto BIS Plumbing and Civil and give the team a call today!

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