Sewer manhole construction in Geelong

BIS Plumbing & Civil offers a wide selection of manhole types and sizes that’s right for your next civil construction project in Geelong or anywhere in Victoria. This sewer manhole construction in Geelong consisted of a manhole with a diameter of one metre, and was constructed for Barwon Water and Lanco Group in order to make sewer work in that location not only possible, but efficient as well.

Manholes are made as a safe and convenient entrance and exit point for workers to do essential underground utility work, such as maintenance and repairs relating to electricity, drainage, and sewage. Without manholes, it can take several days to do work or fix an issue underground, costing you a lot of time and money. Additionally, they can also serve as an escape route for trapped water during floods, storms, and tidal surges, avoiding any possible structural problems and damages below the surface.

You can trust that our team of experienced experts at BIS Plumbing & Civil can efficiently manage projects like sewer manhole construction which can pose quite a risk to underground infrastructure and systems and workers involved. We’ve got the team and the quality equipment to make sure that everything gets done safely, on time, and on budget.

Having worked with a diverse range of sectors, BIS Plumbing & Civil can meet every specific need and provide an individualised service. Contact our friendly staff today for more information or a free no-obligation site inspection and quote.



Project Details

Services Sewer manhole construction

Location Geelong

Completion June 2022

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