The importance of Storm Water Drainage in Geelong

In addition to being the trusted go-to team for all plumbing and civil solutions in the Geelong region, the BIS Plumbing team are also qualified contractors in stormwater drainage services, which work to reduce the runoff of stormwater and melted snow from seeping into the streets and oceans.

Stormwater drainage is particularly important in urban and residential areas and can cause severe damage to the environment when ignored or misunderstood. Our professional contractors intercept and then transfer the natural stormwater run-off to stop the flow from collecting dangerous pesticides, waste, grease, pollutants, soil and other toxic substances from infecting the soil, as well as lead to pollution, flooding and erosion.

The effects of abandoning stormwater and not draining it regularly can be seen in the ocean, particularly in relation to sea life. These pollutants collected by stormwater promote the growth of algae, poison fish and spreads harmful bacteria and pesticides that threaten not only the environment, but human life.

Our team of qualified tradesmen can reduce this risk significantly by draining the stormwater of your home at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is prompt, friendly and efficient. We get the job done to a standard that not only meets the client’s expectations, but exceeds them.

For more information about on our stormwater drainage services available in Geelong and surrounding areas including down the Surf Coast and in the Bellarine Peninsula, please contact our professional contractors today on 0439 545 142.

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