Power installation at Lethbridge subdivision

BIS Plumbing & Civil recently completed the Lethbridge subdivision project which included a large scale power installation. We did a lot of extensive earthmoving using a range of our commercial earthmoving equipment, in order to put up power poles, and lay down HV and LV electrical cables, along with box culverts.

We were able to complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner while keeping the beauty and cleanliness of the area. This is what BIS Plumbing & Civil does best for Geelong and wider Victoria—from gas fitting to plumbing in residential areas such as small land subdivisions, unit developments, and new homes. Our team is highly qualified and experienced to finish the job with the highest standards, within budget, and on time.

On the large-scale civil projects side, we’ve worked on the largest commercial projects in the state and the largest and well-respected business in the industry, including Draper’s, Goldsmith and John Holland.

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Project Details

Services Power installation

Location Lethbridge

Completion May 2022

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