Domestic septic tank installation in Teesdale

Previously, we successfully completed a domestic septic tank installation in Teesdale. This Domestic Waste Water Treatment System is made possible by industry-leading Taylex, which manufactures efficient and high-performing Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems.

BIS Plumbing and Civil managed the whole process, including a number of inspections and preparations before the actual installation. Here is a detailed breakdown of our waste water treatment system installation process:

  • Expert advice about treatment systems;
  • Handling council permits, which are required before installation can proceed in Victoria;
  • Site inspection, to make sure it is a suitable location;
  • Site preparation, with our team handling all the necessary earthworks and ensuring the system’s tank has a compacted base to rest on;
  • Safely transporting the system to your site and lifting it into place;
  • And connecting and commissioning the system.

With over 10 years of experience, BIS Plumbing and Civil is your trusted partner when it comes to your plumbing needs. We are qualified, licensed and accredited to set up and commission wastewater treatment systems in Geelong and all surrounding areas. We specialise in pipeline infrastructure work, water mains, sewer mains, and storm water systems.

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Project Details

Services Septic tank installation

Location Teesdale

Completion April 2022

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