Need a trusted subdivision contractor in Geelong?

BIS Plumbing and Civil is the team to trust if you need an experienced subdivision contractor in Geelong.

We’ve played a key role in the subdivision of major projects across the region and further afield. It’s about quality planning, consultation, co-ordination and delivering a high standard of work – all necessary attributes in bringing a land subdivison project to fruition.

A subdivision contractor in Geelong carries out work on the ground such as installing drainage and gas pipelines. Relevant authorities need to give approval before any work begins.

The BIS team brings a comprehensive range of specialist services to the subdivision table in areas including:

  • Water and sewer mains;
  • Stormwater systems and water basins;
  • Gas pipelines;
  • And roads.

While we specialise in small subdivisions, we take great pride in helping with large projects too. But in this day and age, we’re pleased there’s a spotlight shining brightly on sustainability in regard to development. Our highly trained and experienced crew understands just how important a sustainable approach is because we recognise projects need to benefit future generations in years to come.

BIS Plumbing and Civil, as the name suggests, has you covered from pipeline infrastructure to road work. It’s all core infrastructure that’s vital for projects to succeed. Our expert team can help with industrial and commercial subdivisions as well as residential projects that add townhouses and homes to the regional city.

As an experienced civil contractor, we can handle any plumbing work that raises its head during construction. Our team is professional, pays attention to detail and is committed to delivering quality work. We’re proud to put our plumbing and civil contracting skills to use in helping our great city and surrounding areas to thrive.

For more information on BIS Plumbing and Civil, the professional subdivision contractor Geelong people trust, please contact us on 0439 545 142.

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