Why choose BIS for sewer connection services in Geelong?

At BIS Plumbing and Civil, we provide sewer connection services in Geelong for a wide range of clients.

Our experienced and qualified team knows just how important it is to people’s health, and the environment’s, to get this infrastructure right. From repairs to new installations, the work must must be of a high standard or the consequences can be extremely unpleasant.

When it comes to sewer connection services Geelong people want the best. They want professionals who will work safely and efficiently, while complying with all relevant Australian regulations. And they want that to come with a competitive price tag. Well, BIS Plumbing will deliver on all counts.

Our sewer connection services in Geelong will give you peace of mind that your home, commercial property or development’s sewer system is correctly connected. As experts in our field, we carry the Barwon Water accreditation needed for this specialised area of plumbing.

These services are vital in making sure waste is safely removed from your property to the designated disposal facility. Inefficient, damaged or incorrectly installed sewer systems and connections can trigger terrible odours to waft from your property. They can also cause illness. Both are situations all property owners should be keen to avoid.

Trusted team

Because of our qualifications and experience, BIS Plumbing’s team can handle any job in this area with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. We can visit clients on site, assess the situation and then get to work to deliver a solution. Whether that’s installing a new sewer system, linking in with the sewer mains network or carrying out repairs, we’re the team to trust. It’s a core part of our business and our plumbers are extremely professional and put safety first.

Quality customer service is a cornerstone of our business. We listen to our clients, arrive on time and set the bar high when it comes to our standard of work.

You can also ask us about our septic tank services too, which include design, installation and maintenance work.

If you need quality contractors offering sewer connection services in Geelong, please contact BIS Plumbing and Civil on 0439 545 142 today.

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